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Keg coupler is a novel and unique coupler. Adopting electroplating process. All components in contact with wine are made of food grade stainless steel. The main body can also be made of brass. It will not wear and tear over time, nor will it break like a chrome barrel connector. It can improve durability and chemical resistance. Academic nature. The probe has the maximum durability and hygiene, high purity, and can be used for beer, wine and Cider, NSF certified food grade seals, European food grade lubricants, and can be eaten directly.



At Wanfeng Hardware, we understand the importance of a great tasting beer. That's why we have designed our keg beer coupler with utmost precision and care. Made with a 304 stainless steel probe, our coupler ensures optimal performance and long-lasting durability. Crafted to fit perfectly with your home beer machine, our coupler guarantees a flawless connection and a smooth pouring experience every time.

Place of Origin:China
Brand name:YueCheng
Certification :CE / EU
Product material: 304 stainless steel 
MOQ: 10 pieces.

1. Compatibility:
Our pail coupler is compatible with most standard size pails in the world. No matter where you are in the world, it is the perfect solution to meet the distribution needs of Draught beer.
2. Excellent performance:
Our barrel coupler provides excellent performance and functionality. Even during long-term use, the coupler ensures stable flow and high-quality beer, while the stainless steel structure maintains a subtle balance of pressure and temperature compatible with the small barrel.
3. Easy to clean and maintain:
Due to its durable stainless steel structure, our products are very easy to clean and maintain. By simple and regular cleaning, these couplers can be used for a longer period of time, thereby reducing the risk of beer contamination.
Our pail couplers are ideal for bars, restaurants, home brews and any other place where Draught beer is served. It makes the distribution of Draught beer more simple and pleasant.

Our small barrel couplers come in various sizes, depending on their purpose. The specific specifications are as follows:
-European Keg couplers: S (G type), D (A type), U (S type), A (M type), G (G type;
-Keg couplers in the United States: D (Sankey), S (Slider), G (G-type), U (Twist)
-German Keg coupler: A (Type A), M (Type M)
-Other couplers (J, R, etc.) can also be provided upon request.

Our keg beer coupler is not only designed for performance but also prioritizes safety and ease of use. The 304 stainless steel probe ensures a sanitary connection, preventing any unwanted flavors or contaminants from altering the taste of your beer. Additionally, our coupler features a reliable pressure relief valve that allows for a controlled release of excess pressure, preventing any accidents or spills during operation.
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