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Distributor types and functions:
type A /A-type
The common domestic model, the general domestic craft brewing brand steel barrel is A type of wine spear, which is also very common in Germany.
F type /F-type
Keykeg coupler is a single-use bucket dispenser developed by keykeg Corporation. As long as you see it's a Keykeg bucket, the dispenser model should be an F.
T type /T-type
The T-type dispenser, short for Talos dispenser, is a disposable space bucket special dispenser developed by Talos. The T and F are somewhat similar in appearance, but there are still differences, the T is smaller than the F; The blade protruding from the inside of the distributor, the T type and the F type are also significantly different.



At Wanfeng Hardware, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality industry. Our electric alcohol dispenser, model number AS007, showcases our commitment to providing high-quality products that enhance the drinking experience. With its non-standard customization, this dispenser stands out in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted with utmost precision, it ensures an accurate and efficient flow of alcohol, making it an indispensable tool for bartenders, event organizers, and home enthusiasts alike.

Place of Origin:China
Brand name:YueCheng
Certification :CE / EU
Product material: 304 stainless steel 
MOQ: 10 pieces.




The keg coupler is a valve with an intake function. When the keg connector is opened, the beer can come out of the keg. After the keg coupler is closed, the liquid cannot flow out or return.


Barrel couplers are divided into plate barrel couplers (type A barrel coupler, type G barrel connector) and well barrel couplers. It can be made of stainless steel as a whole, or the body can be made of brass. All parts in contact with the wine are made of food-grade stainless steel.

Our small barrel couplers come in various sizes, depending on their purpose. The specific specifications are as follows:
-European Keg couplers: S (G type), D (A type), U (S type), A (M type), G (G type;
-Keg couplers in the United States: D (Sankey), S (Slider), G (G-type), U (Twist)
-German Keg coupler: A (Type A), M (Type M)
-Other couplers (J, R, etc.) can also be provided upon request.


Various sizes


The outlet and inlet of the keg coupler are available in two sizes, 1/2 "and 5/8", silver and brass. The size of the air intake barb is usually 7.3mm/8mm/10mm, and can also be customized as required. Outlet attachment barbs can be made upright or 90°. The handle can be a pull handle or a press handle (currently only D and s can be made into a lift handle). You can also connect the barrel column at the water outlet and then insert our matching product ball lock disconnect device to increase the height of the barrel connector for easy removal. The body may also be equipped with or without an exhaust device.


Safety and health


304 stainless steel beer pipe, increase the service life, does not affect the taste, temperature control is reliable. Stable outlet temperature, easy installation, easy cleaning, durable. Can withstand 4-6kg pressure.

Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of our electric alcohol dispenser. Made with premium materials, it guarantees durability and longevity, enduring the demands of even the busiest establishments. The non-standard customization of the AS007 model allows you to tailor the dispenser to your specific needs and branding requirements, ensuring a unique and personalized touch. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, this dispenser simplifies operations and reduces downtime, maximizing productivity and efficiency.
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I don’t really write reviews, but I have to on this desk as this exceeded my expectations after countless hours looking for the one. Honestly, we only put this together this Saturday , after sitting at this desk for a few hours , I have nothing but great things to say regarding the whole piece Standing Desk in light rustic , beautiful Color !

Great desk for computer work. Plenty of desk space for books, laptops, second monitors, paperwork, desk lamp, etc., and yet it has a very small footprint! Sturdy and sleek, it looks and feels high quality and professional.

Great desk! Sturdy enough to hold my 2 monitors plus laptop with extra space. The height adjustment is great for short or tall. Highly recommended.

This standing desk works great in my home. Assembly instructions are images, there is very little text, and one image had the motor assembly and bracket incorrectly placed, but it was a simple 5 minute undo-fix-redo cycle to get it functioning perfectly. I hope to never have to buy it again, but I would specifically buy this one again every time.


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