Does the mower have a clutch

The lawnmower has a clutch, and the function of the clutch is to adjust the speed of the lawnmower to ensure the safety of mowing. The clutch of a lawnmower is the main power transmission device in a lawnmower.

The clutch of the lawnmower includes a tripod and a swing block. When the tripod rotates, the swing block moves outward to overcome the centrifugal force and is thrown out. However, in the prior art, the physical movement track of the swing block is generally straight, and the swing block is not easy to be thrown out, resulting in partial wear of the clutch swing block and power loss, which makes the clutch easy to be damaged prematurely and has poor durability.


Precautions for using a lawn mower.

Before the mowing machine MOWS, it is necessary to remove debris in the mowing area to avoid damaging the mowing head and blade. When starting the engine in the cold state, the damper should be closed first, and then the damper should be opened timely after starting. If the turf area is too large, the continuous working time of the lawn mower is better not to exceed 4 hours. After the lawnmower is used, it should be thoroughly cleaned, and check whether all screws are fastened, whether the blade is damaged, and check the high pressure cap.

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