How does the wine spear work?

The wine spear is the beer barrel outlet valve, used for the beer barrel, combined with the barrel neck thread seal, and with the same type of filling line and dispenser, through the exchange of CO2 and beer, to achieve the purpose of filling and drinking. Types according to the appearance of the general classification: plate (A, G, M, H), well (S, D, Brazilian D, American D spear, American S spear) according to the structure: A, G, S, D, U, M, H, Brazilian D, American D spear, American S spear according to the number of teeth: three spears, two teeth (well S, D, Brazilian D can have this choice) according to the connection with the barrel: Threaded (A, G, S, D, U, M, Brazilian Type D), unthreaded (mainly A, G, American D-spear, American S, etc.), welded (H) according to lock without lock: A locking, lockless structure (1) is connected with a cover plate (2), and a pressure spring plate (9) is arranged outside the bottom of the suction tube (5), the pressure spring plate (9) is connected with the sheath (1) for thread, and the top center of the suction tube (5) is provided with an upper air port (7), which is provided with an air release valve (11), and a beer defoamer socket (13) is provided under the suction tube (5); It can butt with the general beer dispenser and has the advantages of simple structure and convenient assembly. And its sealing is good, and the beer is easy to discharge clean, which can reduce the waste of wine and the difficulty of refilling wine.
S-type wine spear design features Wine spear (well, plate) -- patent weldless valve body, double automatic homing seal 1, patent weldless valve body, high precision, long life 2, patent safety lock structure 3, patent gas liquid double automatic homing seal valve 4, gas liquid smooth, large amount, easy to clean and fill 5, multiple sealing, Safe and reliable 6, cleaning does not leave residual liquid 7, screw into filling, spray small, less foam, less CO2 fly loss 8, the cavity is large and reasonable, filling, discharge residue very fast, minimum turbulence 9, seamless structure, chemical erosion resistance is good 10, three interlocking claws, to avoid the work of the valve body, 11, the gas-liquid valve opening sequence is strict and reliable 12, CO2 valve bond firmly, high temperature, acid, alkali resistance, long life

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