What is the function of the mower clutch?

The mower clutch is actually a safety device that prevents the blade from rotating while the mower engine is still running. It can also provide convenience for the operator. On older mowers, the clutch prevents the wheels from turning, so the operator can empty the trap without turning off the engine. Then when the engine is running, the mower clutch prevents the blade from turning.

Mechanically, as long as there are two rotations, the clutch needs a shaft that rotates at different speeds. Clutches can be quite complex, and if it is an electromechanical device, clutches can be found in a variety of types. In the case of a lawnmower, the clutch is similar to a fairly simple switch.

Both electric and gas mowers have a clutch as a safety device. Both the shaft connected to the engine and the shaft connected to the blade are fitted with a plate engine axle disc called the flywheel. When the mower clutch engages, the flywheel and clutch plate are pressed together, causing the engine to rotate the blade. This is done by means of a spring, lever, hydraulic device or a combination thereof and an electric clutch, when the mower clutch disengages, the clutch disc separates from the flywheel which causes the blade to stop.

In older mowers, the blade shaft is connected to the engine drive shaft by a gear or belt. Engaging the mower clutch only connects the engine to the shaft. These mowers don't push, they just direct. The problem is that even when the mower is stopped, the blade is still turning.

Some rotary mowers have only one clutch, which is used for the blade. Even if they have an engine, the best mowers have a clutch connecting the engine to the rear axle and another clutch connecting the engine to the blade. There is also an electric clutch. These clutches are common on both small electric mowers and large pneumatic mowers with two sets of blades. They are called power output (PTO) clutches. When the PTO mower clutch engages, the magnet is moved into position within the coil. This creates an electric current that completes the circuit between the engine and the blades. When disconnected, the magnet returns to a position outside the coil and the circuit is said to be disconnected. Without a complete circuit, the blade has no electricity.

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